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Sometimes you don’t need an entirely new shop fit out to increase your sales. There a million little ways to improve your profit margin and you can implement many of them simply by looking around your shop and reorganising a few basic things.

From shelf layouts to the items you keep beside your till, we’ve got all the visual merchandising tips you need on how to give your customers a happy shopping experience.

Take a look at how you can increase your sales today.

4 Ways To Improve Your Sales

1. Engage Your Customer’s Senses

The first thing you think of when considering how to wow your customers is probably a visually appealing merchandise display.

But people have a lot more senses to engage with than that.

Touch, smell, and hearing can all be affected to get your customers attention.

Think about how many supermarkets arrange their floor plans so that the smell of their baking section pours onto the street to tempt people in.

How about the music you play over your store speakers?

Or the quality of paper that you pack your customers purchases into?

All of it can be used to create interest in your business, build a brand, and ensure that you are connecting with the right demographic.

A visual merchandising display isn’t just about what’s on show, but what’s around it too.

2. Display Similar Items Together

Chances are if your customer is about to buy a woolly winter hat, they’ll also be happy to consider a nice pair or warm gloves.

Make sure that you display items that can partner like this together.

There are always obvious opportunities to double sales when you group items together, but the really fun part is, the more creative you get, the bigger the payoff you could receive.

After all, if you can think of an item to pair with that woolly hat that your customer didn’t even know they needed then you’ll have really surprised them – and as any experienced visual merchandising team will tell you surprise is the best sign of engagement of all.

Retail Design Tips

3. The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most famous rules of visual merchandising in store design. Simply group three slightly different items together for your customer to consider.

But have you ever wondered what the thinking behind this rule is?

When you group three items together, make sure that they offer some variety to your customer. Each one should be a different shape and size and arranged to take the eyes of a viewer on a journey.

People rarely stop to look at an item for a long time. It’s their instinct to keep moving and see what else is on display.

So arrange your items by using the rule of thirds and you’ll have given them plenty to look at – and lots of options on what to buy.

4. Keep Things Fresh By Rearranging Your Displays

Since you’re reading this guide, you’re probably already planning on rearranging the layout of your store.


You should constantly be looking for new ways to display your products.

If you’ve done a good job, you’ll have impressed plenty of customers, and when they come back you’ll want to impress them all over again.

There are always new and innovative ways to increase your profits with visual merchandising. Our team includes some of the best shopfitting experts around, so make sure to contact us when you’d like to find out more.

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