A commercial shop fit out can often be a challenging process. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or you have several stores under your belt, there is an abundance of factors to take into account in retail store design. These include lighting, signage, colour, branding, shop shelving, flooring, customer flow; the list can seem never-ending and it’s easy to get lost in all the detail.

A broad outline can help you gain some perspective on the overall plan.

There’s no one-size-fits-all shop fit out

The aim of any shop fitout is to entice customers into your store. Once they are in, you want them to purchase and return again and again, and spread the positive engagement they experienced whilst in your store.

This might sound like we are stating the obvious, but for many store owners attracting sufficient numbers through the door can often be a monumental task. Not every business is lucky enough to have a storefront on the corner of Grafton Street. Some establishments might be tucked down a narrow side street or sat on the edge of town. In these instances, a lot more than a bright sign is needed to make the venture a success.

When it comes to designing an outlet that gets remembered, it is all about creating a pleasant and truly memorable experience with high quality interior store design that encompasses the right shop equipment, lighting and flooring.

Curious to hear more? We have put together some helpful shop fit out tips to achieve maximum success in your shop fit out which you should consider when talking to your shopfitting company. That way, when you approach us to overhaul the look of your store, you’ll have a good idea of exactly they (or better, we!) can help.

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Key points for success in your shop fit out

1. What’s the most important element to a shop fit out? Layout!

Once the customer is inside the store they need to be able to find what they are looking for, and they need to be able to do this quickly & efficiently. You only have a limited period of time before the customer has seen enough and decides to venture off to the competition. Your store must be planned and laid out with complete accuracy in order to grab the customer’s attention from the get-go, guide them successfully around the entire store, and end with them reaching the point of sale.

2. Express your brand personality with store signage

Store signage is critical in any shop fit out for attracting customers into your store. Branding, logo and colour are of massive importance here as the store must be aesthetically appealing in order to bring people in the doors. It isn’t necessarily about being the loudest on the street. If that were the case most storefronts with me competing to have the gaudiest neon arrows directed at their storefronts. Don’t just think about what gets seen, think about what you want to say, and then keep that message uniform throughout. Everything from the price tags to the to the promotional posters are a chance to express your store’s personality.

3. Reap the benefits of LED lighting

Retail environments, especially shop windows must be well lit to entice customers into your shop. Super bright LED lighting is highly recommended as not only does it allow you to save on energy costs, but it is also very efficient and durable and allows great flexibility for highlighting certain product ranges on store displays. On top of all this, the various colour range that colour can add to a display is a wonderful opportunity to expand the look of your brand.

4. Don’t overlook security (better safe than sorry)

Security is something that cannot be disregarded in a shop fit out. Having an adequate CCTV system gives the authorities a better chance of catching criminals & shoplifters as well as helping to deter potential break-ins. Remember, having a record of who stole what doesn’t just help catch the perpetrators for one petty theft, but rather, can be used to help identity the culprits of multiple crimes.

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5. Consider ALL of your customers and provide ease of access

Ensure that all entrances are marked clearly in your shop fit out and are easily accessible. It is important to consider different segments of your customers. Automatic sliding doors are ideal for mothers with babies, elderly or those in wheelchairs, and if you have bathrooms and dressing rooms on the premises, make sure that they’re clearly marked.

6. An appealing counter is a MUST in any shop fit out

Ensure that your counter is spacious and easy to operate, which will allow staff to deal with customers in ease and comfort, and plan out a direct path that will keep a line of people from cluttering other sections of your store and grant them easy access to the till. An extra thing to keep in mind is to allow space for customer service so that when you’re dealing with a problem, the till line doesn’t get blocked and other shoppers are able to continue on with their day.

7. Invest in air conditioning for those sticky summer days

It is vital to have temperature control in order to maintain a relaxing shopping experience whilst ensuring the shelf life of your stock. Besides which, the last thing you want is for your customer to want to escape to a more comfortable locale. If anything, if you make your establishment a haven from whatever weather conditions are like outside, you’ll attract more and more business as the day goes on.

8. Capitalise on your customers’ impulsive nature

Last but not least, it is wise to dedicate areas at the queue and till points for impulse items, as they are a fantastic way of increasing sales by upselling complementary items. Just keep point number 6 in mind. It can be tempting to go overboard and use every spare bit of space to clutter up your shop with knickknacks of every shape and size, but it’s important to remember that you’re to place these items strategically, not haphazardly.

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