Pharmacy Fit Out

Pharmacy Fit Out Ireland

Make sure you get the best pharmacy fit out possible when you work with Storebest Shopfitting Company to install yours.

Our team have created shop fit outs in a diverse range of retail environments and have done so for a number of years. Because we have managed fit out projects in such a various array of retail spaces, when you work with us to design your pharmacy fit out, you will get a comfortable and efficient shopping environment no matter the size of your store.

  • We work with you from concept creation right through to project completion
  • We have access to in-house state-of-the-art technology
  • We offer fast turnaround times
  • We keep your fit out costs to a minimum

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    The perfect pharmacy fit out

    Shelf arrangements, display heights, staff areas, colour and lighting will be all be taken into consideration to create the optimal fit out and ensure that your employees are able to go about their jobs efficiently, while your customers can shop in a calm and professional environment.

    To make sure that each aspect of your pharmacy fit out works in conjunction, our fit out team communicate with you throughout the entire process to cover every possible aspect of the project. A lot of elements have to be taken into consideration and we will address each one of them in order to achieve the best results.

    Clean and contemporary design

    Every retail environment is different, but pharmacy fit outs are unique in their own way. Because our team have a huge amount of experience working with different brands and store types, we can learn the requirements of your fit out and put together a design for your pharmacy that is clean, open and comfortable for your customers to shop in.

    Communication matters more in a pharmacy than in any other retail environment. We will create the counter space you need to interact with your customers at length without blocking access to your till, or causing a cluttered line or people in the centre of your store. Most importantly, it will be a comfortable and professional zone to allow for interactions with a personal touch.

    Getting the most of your pharmacy space

    Pharmacies in particular have to balance the needs of staff areas versus space for the retail environment. Maybe you have a large store with lots of room for both, or perhaps you have to make the most out of a tiny amount of floor space. Either way we’ll be able to design a pharmacy environment to make your store look bigger. After we’re through, your customers will feel like they’ve taken a breath of fresh air the moment they walk in your door

    We've worked with the best

    Our shopfitters have designed and installed fit outs for every kind of retail space. To get an idea of what we can put together for you, visit our portfolio page. As you can imagine, the diversity of our projects gives us the ability to tackle all kinds of obstacles that pop up in the course of a fit out.

    Start increasing your sales today

    Getting extra sales isn’t just about stocking some budget items beside your till. There is an art to creating a pharmacy fit out that displays all of your products without feeling cluttered. Our fit out team can draw up a plan that will make your pharmacy easy to browse and therefore easy to find products to buy. What’s more, we can advise on the perfect shelving units and furniture to complete your pharmacy décor.

    Versatile layout to last for years to come

    As with any retail environment, it’s extremely important to keep the look of your store feeling fresh. This means you’ll need space to install temporary display units, be able to rearrange where your products are placed, and even move shelf units around to create a brand new feel. Our shopfitters can install a pharmacy fit out that will be easy for you to work with in the years to come.

    Even in regards to the uniform style of pharmacy fit outs, there are lots of little things that make your business unique. We want to learn everything about it so that we can provide the best pharmacy fit out you can get.