Tips for retail success from shopfitters in Dublin

Shopfitters in Dublin have a great overview of the things that work and the things that don’t. Having a refit can be daunting. Sometimes the change can upset existing customers, potentially losing you business. However, it can also create an exciting new experience that improves your current customers experience and attracts new business too.


The challenge of persuading consumers to still visit smaller independent retailers, rather than shopping online or at a supermarket, is increasingly pressing. Below we’ll try to give you some of our top tips to greatly increase your chances of success.

Product density and layout

Some shopfitters in Dublin can be tempted to try to utilise the space to fit in the most shelves and hundreds of products. However, filling every bit of available wall and floor space doesn’t necessarily translate into higher sales. It often just creates a cramped and cluttered feel. Modern physical stores need to capitalize on the aspects an online store can’t compete with, such as a much more engaging customer experience.


Using your available space wisely will help to highlight certain products. Modern consumers still love a positive shopping experience, shopfitters should be focused on creating a comfortable space that encourages customers to stay longer. A modern store design should have a more welcoming feel with a minimalist design and a heavy focus on a great customer experience. As businesses fight for the attention of consumers the stakes have risen, and this has created higher expectations among customers.

Your shopfitters need to be creative

There is no need for a modern store to follow a bland model they were using 50 years ago. It’s good to stand out from the crowd by creating something memorable. A talking point could be permanent architectural feature or just a changeable prop, as long as it creates a positive talking point amongst customers, keeping you in their minds long after they have left your store.


This is also why an increasing number of stores are talking to their shopfitters in Dublin about designing their fit-out around a theme. The theme could be related to the industry the business operates in, the company’s brand, or just use something unrelated that adds value to the customer’s overall experience of your brand.


However, working closely with your shopfitters in Dublin will allow you to keep the creativity at the best level. Lots of random creativity can just make your store harder to navigate and have the opposite effect. Speak to your shopfitters in Dublin about what you want to achieve, then work with them to find the right balance for you.

Light up your customers’ lives

Most people underestimate just how effective the correct use of lighting can be. Not only does it help to set the general tone of your store. Using hidden lighting and a variety of brightness levels in different areas can be used to highlight products and control your customer’s focus. Bad lighting can greatly diminish even the best design, whereas great lighting will only ever enhance an interior. Speaking to shopfitters in Dublin can help you to fully understand all the lighting options available to you, from different light sources and colours, to varying degrees of brightness and targeted lighting.

Appeal to different senses

While your choice of lighting will appeal to your customers, it’s important to pay attention to exactly what you’re lighting up. Natural materials can help a space feel more welcoming. There are many ways you can incorporate materials into your space. They don’t always have to be a permanent addition. They can also be used decoratively or as part of a temporary installation.


You can use natural woods, stone, marble, exposed brick, even various metals. The ones you choose and how you use them will depend on the overall design of your store, but professional shopfitters in Dublin will be able to advise you on what will fit well with the look you’re trying to achieve, as well as helping you to source the best materials for the purpose.

Customer service adds to the customer experience

Unfortunately, this is one aspect shopfitters in Dublin won’t be able to help you with. However, with such a heavy focus on customer experience, it’s not surprising the human interactions they have make up a large part of this. Speaking to a real person face to face is something e-commerce doesn’t offer, so capitalise on your advantage by making it an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Ensuring all your employees are courteous and polite should be the minimum. Ideally, you’ll also want to make sure they are all knowledgeable about the products and your company. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait for answers, well trained employees will ensure they can answer as many questions as possible without making a customer wait.

Flexibility should be built into your design

How your store is laid out during the summer months might not be the ideal layout for Christmas. Designing a store where the layout doesn’t have to be fixed maximises your potential for tweaking as required. You’ll already want window displays to be changed regularly to keep people noticing your store, but the interior of your store should be equally flexible. If you hold a promotion for a new product or an event to increase awareness, then a more open layout that can accommodate the increased footfall could be preferable.


Addressing your needs with your shopfitters in Dublin before the design phase will help you to ensure you get the best value for money from your new interior.

Would your shop benefit from a new look?

If you want to make the most of your experience with shopfitters in Dublin, then you need to engage shopfitters that understand the principles of great retail design. Our expert designers have over 35 years of experience consistently delivering the highest standards to businesses all over Dublin and Ireland. Storebest are the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the best use of your space to achieve your aims.


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