3 Key Considerations for your shop fit out

So you’ve been given the all clear with the build budget and now you’re tasked with the job of creating a store design brief for your retail shop fit out. Getting started can be an overwhelming task, no matter the size of your retail space.

Brick and mortar stores are still the firm favourite when it comes to retail spending in Ireland, so there’s no reason not to pull out all the stops when it comes to fitting out your shop. We’ve put together three fundamentals to consider that will get you off to a flying start.

Combine lighting options for best results

High quality lighting is the key to attracting your shoppers’ attention in your store. If a section of your store is dim or dreary, you can be sure that they will avoid it like the plague. Combining a mixture of lighting options, such as downlights, pendants and track lighting, will strike a perfect balance between illumination and shadow.

If you’re looking to add extra depth and dimension to your store with your shop fit out, LED backlighting is the way to go. Because LED lighting is energy efficient, it will also reduce your operating costs, thus saving you money in the long run.

Shop Fit Out | Lighting

Use flooring to segment your store into zones

Flooring can be used to create zones to segment merchandise, or create a pathway through the store to entice consumers to a particular area or product. It’s not all about comfort, though. Promotional advertising on retail floors is an effective way to influence shopper purchasing decisions.

Choosing the right layout option for the internal fixtures can provide space for promotional signage, assisting in traffic flow and helping to build your brand image. When deciding on a store design layout, have your target markets, products and brand in mind so you can guide consumers through your store effortlessly.

retail store design and shop fit out tips

Influence customer behavior with your store design

It is important not to lose sight of the customer experience. The principle of customer experience is the very bedrock of store design. It is essential to adopt a strategic approach in order to achieve a winning shop fit out. You can then compliment with this with strategically placed signage, visual merchandising and product placement.

Installing floor to ceiling wall fixtures allows for optimal product placement, whilst maximizing floor space and encouraging customers to browse your store a little longer. Low line shelving within the trading area allows more products to be visible to the customer, and also improves customer visibility for the retailer in the event of any shoplifting incidents.

Leave it to the shop fit out specialists

Storebest is one of the largest and most experienced shop fit out companies in Ireland. We offer total turnkey shopfitting services, working closely with the client, architects and designers throughout a wide range of industry sectors. Put simply, we make the most of your retail space, so if you’re in need of a shopfitting partner, call us today on (01) 539 4612 to begin your journey.

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