The do's and don'ts of shopfitting

Shopfitting has a considerable influence on the overall look and feel of a retail store.

Placement and branding are pivotal when it comes to enticing the attention of customers, and we know exactly how to go about achieving the best results.

Here are some simple recommendations you can implement in your store:


Flow: This is a topic that we have discussed at length in previous posts; after all, the flow is central to how customers will behave in your store. Your customers should be able to move freely through your store. Place your displays carefully so not to create unnecessary obstacles for your visitors. Since most people tend to turn right when entering a store, design your flow with this in mind.

Placement: There is a greater chance that customers will purchase additional items if in-demand products are placed towards the back end of the store. This encourages visitors to explore your store and maximizes the possibility of additional spend.

Fixtures: Choose fixtures that can be easily maneuvered, especially if your stock is rotating if your time. Some stores carry a large stock, while it’s the opposite for some, so it’s crucial to be able to accommodate a wide variety of stock at all times. We supply Wire Weld store fixtures, known widely for their versatility, ease of installation and superior quality.


Be a copycat: However tempting it is to replicate another business’ layout, especially if it has proven to be successful, it is important to consider that it might not be suitable for your specific needs. What makes prosperous stores prosperous is their individuality; by all means take inspiration from others, but you should let your store forge its own personality and brand experience.

Hide prices: Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in this situation. You’ve found something you like, but there isn’t even a hint anywhere as to how much it’s going to set you back. It’s incredibly frustrating for a customer not to be able to see a store’s pricing, and it might just force them to shop elsewhere.

Have excess shelving: As much as the spacing of the store is important, so is the amount of shelves that are placed in store. Too much can lead to your store looking like a cluttered mess!

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