Although we are primarily shopfitters, the quality of our work and attention to detail has led to some commissions you might not automatically associate with a company that completes shop fitouts. This is partly because many of our skills are directly transferrable. Space is space, and we know how to make the most of it depending on the client’s needs.

As shop fitouts are all unique, we are more experienced than most kitchen companies at creating custom designs and furniture. Therefore, we have accepted work that would normally fall outside of a shopfitters comfort zone. You can see how varied our work is in our portfolio, which includes a kitchen design we undertook at a penthouse apartment in Dublin 16.

Residential kitchen design compared to a commercial kitchen fitout

We believe one of the reasons we are successful is our ability to interpret what the client wants, add value to their initial thoughts, and then turn the vision in to a reality that exceeds their expectations. Much of this initial process is the same whether it’s for a commercial or residential property. A commercial client may be more concerned with practicality and less focused on the aesthetics. All of this is considered during the consultation process.

On average, kitchens are becoming more important in a house. They are having a bigger impact on its value and feel. Whereas a workplace kitchen is functional, most people want their residential kitchen to make the most of the space they have, but also have a social feel. A residential kitchen is also an investment in your property, adding value and making your home easier to sell when the time comes.

Bespoke kitchen design is more stylish

There are many benefits to having complete control over the materials, placement, colours, and quality of your fittings. This flexibility allows you to add touches using a variety of materials or décor that wouldn’t normally be possible, which not only helps your kitchen to look fantastic, but can make it more practical too. Whether you love natural materials, such as wood or stone, or prefer the shininess of chrome, or simply love a traditional kitchen full of ceramics, the possibilities and combinations of materials and colours are endless.

Storage solutions can be tailored to fit your space without detracting from the look of the kitchen. You’ll know there aren’t a load of houses out there with virtually the same off-the-shelf kitchen as you.

Professional kitchen design makes better use of space

The clever use of space in a great kitchen design becomes quickly evident and is often as impressive as the kitchen itself. Everything is designed to perfectly fit the space available, worktops, cabinetry, appliance surrounds, islands, and the tiles used on walls and the floor. In a bespoke kitchen the selection of appliances will complement the design, often being carefully incorporated for maximum aesthetic appeal.

A bespoke kitchen design should also fit your lifestyle better. Whether you need more storage, spend a lot of time socialising in your kitchen, or cook meals for a huge family, we can incorporate design features and appliances that make your life easier and turn your kitchen into a dream to use. Any space regularly used by your family quickly becomes a very personal space and working with a professional designer gives you the freedom to create something truly unique and fitting for your family.

Bespoke should always be higher quality

The careful selection of materials, made to measure kitchen design, and the quality of the fitting should all combine to produce a higher quality end result. Because your kitchen won’t be mass produced, there will be more attention to detail at every stage of the process. Every detail and piece of your kitchen will be crafted to the highest standards.

This doesn’t just enhance the quality and style of the kitchen, but it will also mean you get better durability from a bespoke kitchen design and fitout.

Professional kitchen design means less stress

Having a bespoke kitchen designed and installed is a much more exacting process. You will have the undivided attention of your design team and fitters. Having access to professionals that can guide and advise you throughout the whole process is a huge help. The level of professionalism provided is much higher than you would normally expect. Everything will be carried out in a timely fashion and you’ll never be left hanging by a team of installers that just want to get to their next job. This can translate to less stress and hassle for you, the customer.

Bespoke kitchen design is cost effective

Many people are put off enquiring about a bespoke kitchen because they presume it will be out of their price range. However, modern technology and manufacturing processes has helped to make bespoke kitchen design a lot more accessible, even when using top quality materials. The value a top-notch kitchen design and fitout adds to your life is priceless. When you consider the lifespan of the kitchen and how much use you’ll get from it, you’ll get much more bang for your buck with a high-quality finished product designed to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Choose a partner that deliver flawless results every time

We have over 35-years of experience in producing perfect solutions for a variety of uses. Our attention to detail, knowledge, and work ethic has helped us to become Ireland’s leading shopfitters. Our reputation has been enhanced by the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our clients. It’s important to us that our clients know we are here for them, and that we’ll always deliver the best solution to the highest standards.

From project management to individual craftsmen, our whole team are experts in their field with a wealth of experience and training behind them. Let us translate your vision into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

Give us a call on 01 5394612, or e-mail us at, to discover how we can help you. We always love to hear from you and will be happy to help.