Suggestions for Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Shop Fit Out

What consumers expect from retail outlets has changed dramatically over the last few years. Many people now also shop online, but there is nothing to beat the experience of seeing what they are buying before they hand over their hard-earned cash. As things get tougher for high street stores, there needs to be reasons why consumers travel to you rather than buying online. A retail shop fit out is where it all starts, as if your store is uninviting you will not get the customers you need.

Space is Inviting

A spacious store will encourage consumers to enter much more than one that is cluttered. The specialist designers at Storebest will ensure the available space is used to its best advantage, leaving plenty of room for both the items you are selling and for your customers to move around. With more than 35 years’ experience behind us, we understand how important it is to get a retail shop fit out right and only use top quality materials and experienced shop fitters.

Make your Shop Fit Out Special

Go back just 50 or 60 years and most stores followed the same pattern and were laid out in similar ways. That is not acceptable in todays market. Your store needs to be something special if you want to attract new consumers.

There are many ways to do this, from the décor to the produce for sale. Whatever you do to make your store stand out above the rest, you want your customers to come back time and again, and to recommend your shop to their friends and family.

This will happen if their shopping experience in your store is a good one, and the atmosphere created by your retail shop fit out is a large part of this. If your store has been made dark and dingey, people are less likely to call again. A bright and airy store will be more welcoming, and making it this way is something we at Storebest can help you with.

Changing the Layout

Maybe in different seasons of the year your stock changes totally, and it would be better for you to be able to move the internal layout of your store each time. Not all the racks have to be fixed and unmoveable, so you could have a different look with every season. You could even have a theme to accompany each change of stock, such as introducing spring plants and fragrances at the appropriate time, and of course there are times like Easter and Christmas where the themes are a must.

This is so much simpler to do if you can change things around slightly and discussing this with our designers will ensure you have the flexibility as part of your retail shop fit out.

Better Displays with Your Retail Shop Fit Out

As you would expect, you whole store will be improved with a retail shop fit out, but one of the things that you might not of thought of is how much better your display areas could be. Your windows are very important as they provide the temptations for people to enter the shop, but your internal displays are vital too. These allow consumers to see even more and could easily show things they had not thought of, which could lead to increased sales. Some stores have a display area for special offers and others for new lines. No matter what you use them for, you need some good display areas internally as your windows on their own are not enough.

Make the Shopping Experience Good

It does not matter how good your retail shop fitout looks or how good the items you are selling are unless your customers enjoy the experience of using your store. Much of this experience is down to your employees who should be well trained in how to deal with people, even if there is a problem.

For instance, if a customer is upset and starts to get aggressive, if your employee keeps calm and pleasant with them, it is very hard for them to keep their nasty stance. Other customers will see what is going on and will like the fact that your staff member did not retaliate in any way.

Greeting everyone with a smile, being helpful when its required but not pushy is the way your employees should be to play their part in creating a good shopping experience in your store.

We Can Help with Your Retail Shop Fit Out

There is no end to the types of stores we have refitted over the years, and we have experience in refits for many different trades. From food shops to clothing stores, and from toy shops to motorcycle stores, we have handled them all.

Talk to us about the design for your retail shop fit out as our vast experience will mean we will be able to help you create an environment to encourage sales and customer loyalty. We will arrange an appointment to survey the premises and then discuss the details with you.

Once the design is agreed we will start work on making the solution that has been arrived at. We do this by using the latest technology and the finest materials so you can be certain your retail fit out will be of the highest standard. Because we specialise in custom manufacturing, we have total control over times frames and budgets, which is just ones of the reasons we can guarantee all our customers a service of the highest standard.

Then your retail fit out will be installed by experienced shopfitters who will complete the work in the shortest time possible.

The reputation we have earned because of the high quality of our work has made us one of the leading shopfitters in Ireland, but that does not mean any job is too small for us to handle.

Give us a call on 01 5394612 or email us at and find out more about how we can help with your retail shop fit out.