KAL Showroom by Storebest

Ireland’s leading distributor and supporter of globally renowned brands for Ireland’s electrical and kitchen retailers, Kitchen Accessories Ltd (KAL Group), was founded in 1981. The company has evolved over the years to become the exclusive distributor of a host of blue-chip brands.

Recently, KAL’s showroom has undergone an impressive refurbishment, updating it to a contemporary, sophisticated and professional space. The project was carried out by the Principal contractor Storebest Shopfitting Co. Ltd.

Established 32 years ago, Storebest is a family-run business, which has now expanded into a large shopfitting supply, fit-out & bespoke manufacturing business, with its own joinery shops, design office and large storage facilities. Interestingly, Storebest carries out the manufacture, supply and fit out for all Vodafone stores in Ireland.

Premier Retail spoke to Tony Murphy at Storebest Shopfitting Company Ltd, who commented:

"We have undertaken many smaller contracts over the years for KAL prior to the complete makeover of the showroom. Which was decided at a client-design meeting to implement a new look to transform the 20,000²ft showroom because of the many new brands which were exclusive to KAL in Ireland. The project began at the design stage in early MAY 2015, working closely with Dublin based designer Brian Fitzpatrick. Continuing with bespoke samples and then the fit-out over a 4 week period from Mid-July – Mid August. Completed in time for the annual trade shows in late August."

He adds that it was fun to solve the puzzle of how the concept would work. “We had a very short amount of time to design, plan and execute the fitout,” he notes. “It was interesting to think about the transitional changes, and a challenge to create a design that was going to do all the things we needed it to do mechanically”.

Intriguingly, the modern showroom integrates a working display area where retailers and householders can observe cooking demonstrations and take part in cookery lessons, involving cooking on selected appliances and demonstrated by in-house and celebratory chefs.

Timber-effect vinyl flooring is complemented by the fittings that display white and off-white palettes, accented by LED lighting in various interchangeable colours. Overall, the showroom design offers a tasteful mix of contemporary and classic, with a smart and clean appearance.

Tony added:

"The feedback has been superb, KAL’s agents and retailers gave a very positive review on the new showroom, particularly on the colours, displays, new lighting systems and general layout."

Interior illumination primarily by LED fixtures is integrated into the store’s fixtures. Specifications for ambient and accent lighting included adjustable downlights, spotlights for fixed recessed slots, wall wash lights, LED linear striplight for ceiling coves. All adds up to create this glittering gem of a showroom space.