New Shop Fit Out

In business, it’s critical you never become complacent. In order to be successful, you always need to be seeking new ways to grow and identify what areas you can have improved.

Your retail environment is a prime example of this.

You should always be rearranging your merchandise display and promoting your items in fresh, exciting ways. Even so, eventually you’ll reach the point where this just isn’t enough and you’ll have to invest in a new shop fit out.

You might be a little hesitant and think that you can wait til further down the line, but frankly, if you’ve got an inkling that some change is necessary then you should take action right away.

Here’s how you can know for sure.

Signs It’s Time For A New Shop Fit Out

1. You’ve moved into a previously owned location

It’s not unusual for you to move into a premises that’s been owned already. In fact, it’s probably the norm.

A good portion of the new shop fit outs in Ireland are designed to fix up an old store.

And with good reason.

Even if the previous occupiers were in the same business as you, you need to set yourself apart and improve on where they failed.

2. Your style is outdated

If it’s been a while since you had a new shop fit out then your furnishings and display could look years out of date.

Maybe it’s been long enough that your old fittings are now retro cool… but if it’s been a couple of years since you last redecorated, then it’s all the more likely you could do with a makeover.

3. You keep clients away from certain areas

Once upon a time, you had a nice break room where staff could enjoy their lunch and clients could wait to be welcomed into your office.

Over the years though it became an extension of your storeroom and now everybody has to go down the road for a cup of coffee.

If you find there just isn’t space for what you need, it’s time for a brand new store design.

4. Your staff gripe about work conditions

It could just be a finicky lock on a door. Or the fact that the toilet tank needs to be filled from a bucket.

When your employees mutter about these things, they might seem like minor gripes, but they all add up. You should certainly take them as a sign that things need to change.

5. Your location isn’t built for your purpose

When you first went into business, you got by with what you had.

Things have changed since then, though.

Business has gone well and you don’t need to put up with the same inconveniences as before.

Get a shop fit out so your store works exactly how you’d like.

New Storefitting

When you get more space in a new location, you need a new store fitting to get the most out of it.

6. You’ve become too big for your current store

And of course, when things have gone very well, it might be time to move into an entirely new location.

If you find yourself taking over a premises that has never been used before, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a shop fit out that’s custom designed for you.

7. Sales are low and just don’t seem to be getting better

The most important sign that you need the helping hand of expert shopfitters is that your sales are low.

This is also the hardest one to ignore.

Hopefully, you’ll have recognised the other signs on this list before things get really bad, but if you are at the stage where money just isn’t coming in the door anymore, it would be very wise to take action fast.

Have you realised it’s time to get a new shop fit out? Make sure to contact our team today.