Shopfitting Tricks Dublin

Shopfitting in Ireland offers some unique challenges. Because we’re a small island nation, and because our real estate space is somewhat limited, the buildings that retailers use might not have been constructed with modern purposes in mind.

Shops in Dublin are often cramped together and even the main streets in countryside towns don’t offer much breathing room.

Space is at a premium and you need to make yours look a lot bigger if you want to give your customers a comfortable shopping experience.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of shopfitting tricks to make your store look bigger!

Maximise Returns With These Shopfitting Tricks

1. Don’t have too much furniture

Maybe you run a bookstore and want to have a relaxing zone for customers to kick back and read the latest crime thriller. Or perhaps you run a shoe store and feel like you need to have as many chairs as possible.

When you hire a shopfitting company, the first thing they’ll advise is that you minimise the amount of fittings you require.

The most important thing is that you have an easy-to-navigate shop floor. Every last fixture and fitting you add to it will only make your shop feel smaller.

2. Use the space above you

While you might have a narrow property or one that’s broken up into adjoining rooms, you might also be lucky enough to have high ceilings.

If you do, try not to let it go to waste.

Every bit of space counts, even what’s above your head. Store displays and sale information can all use vertical space so that shelves at eye level don’t get blocked or become too busy looking.

Shopfitting Tricks Dublin

Space above your shelves can be used for display. Flat colours create a feeling of space.


3. Utilise light and colour in your shop fit out

Dark store designs feel more closed off than stores that let a lot of light in. The claustrophobic experience can make your area feel more cramped.

One of the first shopfitting tricks you should use is to allow as much window light in as possible.

On top of this, your store colours should be bright and welcoming. There’s no point letting light in if it’s going to get diffused by dark brown wallpaper.

4. Mirrors are a reliable optical illusion

Even if you aren’t a clothing store, you can use mirrors to great effect.

They make your retail area feel larger by reflecting the space around them and they also have the added benefit of helping out with tip number 3 – they spread light around.

If your shop only has a small window, use mirrors to get the most out of whatever light you have.

5. Keep things neat and tidy

Getting a shop fit out is only the beginning of your retail journey.

Once you’ve got everything arranged to perfection you need to keep it that way.

No matter how big your store is, don’t clutter the shelves with too many products, what products you do have should be arranged neatly, and while it might seem obvious to keep your floor space spotless, you should make sure it stays that way by drawing up a cleaning roster for your staff.

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