Are you about to embark on designing a new store or are you changing an existing store around?

It’s important you do your research before you put your thoughts into action. Read on for shopfitting tips to get you started and get the perfect end result you desire.

Get Professional Advice

Reach out to a professional shopfitting specialist from the get go. By doing so you will receive expert advice on planning the layout of your store, shelving and lighting.

Set Out A Budget

Make it clear from the outset what your budget is and relay this information back to your shopfitting specialist. What do you want to focus on more?

There are many factors in shop fit out such as the lighting, storage, how large or small your service counter will be and each factor is dependent on how much money you put in.

Design Of Shop Shelving

Once you have the additions to your shop fit out finalised in your mind you need to consider the look and style of your shop shelving.

How does this tie in with the layout? Positioning is also very important here. Shelving needs to be placed in way that compliments an overall view of the store from the front door and service desk.

The Type Of Shelving

You have your shop shelving design planned out now, the next step is what type of shelving you’ll choose. The shelving type needs to be suitable for the type of products you sell.

Ask yourself this, do you need high or low gondola shelving, corner bays, wall shelving, magazine display racks? You may need shelving which allows you to hang products at different heights. Restocking needs consideration also when choosing the right type of shelving.

Correct Measurements

No shop fitting plan is complete without ensuring the correct measurements are taken by your shopfitting specialist. This is to ensure your design is actually able to fit into the premises.

Communicate With Your Shopfitter

Keep yourself informed by communicating your needs and asking questions to the shopfitter you are working with throughout the project. It is better to be wrong than have a shop fit out completed but want changes after the fact.

Choosing Professional Shopfitters

Always choose a professional shopfitting specialist to work with when planning your shop fit out.

Our skills and expertise coupled with our commitment to customer relationships underlines why we are one of Ireland’s top shopfitters and enables us to manage any project, no matter its size, scale or complexity.

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