If you are a retailer then you know the importance of customers, especially returning customers. A key factor you should be focused on is building customer loyalty within your own store or the store you work in.

How a retail store treats their customers says a lot about the business and word of mouth travels. There is a reputation to uphold. Treat your customers badly and they won’t come back. They will also pass on their experiences to their friends and family and so their negative view of your store will spread.

Treat your customers right and they will recommend your store to their family and friends and thus, positive outlooks could attract new customers and help with building customer loyalty. Storebest have compiled a few shop fittings top tips for you and your staff to keep customers coming back to your store.

Shop Fittings Tips 1: Maintain Appearances

We all know first impressions go a long way. First appearances and first impressions are what people keep in mind when they meet you again or in the case of a store, when they visit again. If you want customers to keep coming back then maintaining appearances is a factor you should be mindful of.

Keep your store clean and tidy. Make sure displays are looking neat and everything is in order. For employees, be presentable and look professional.

Shop Fittings Tips 2: Be Engaging

Get to know your customers. People are much more likely to buy and buy more in bulk, we may add, if they like who they are interacting with in store.

This on top of keeping up appearances can really add to the customers overall shopping experience. You aren’t going to stick around for very long in a shop with rude staff and a dirty, untidy environment.

Shop Fittings Tips 3: Reward Loyalty

A vital part of any customer retention plan for retailers is to develop an initiative that rewards customers for their loyalty. If people have made the choice to shop in your store out of any other store of a similiar kind this is a very special achievement.

Ways you can reward customers is through offering discounts, free giveaways and/or a free or reduced item after a certain number of purchases.

Shop Fittings Tips 4: Ask For Feedback

To grow we must learn what works and what doesn’t work, how we can build and improve. The same applies to a business. Asking for feedback on behalf of your store can tip you in the right direction.

Customer surveys are a useful way of obtaining opinions on what they like about your store and areas for future improvement. Alternatively, you could set up a face-to-face feedback session in which you ask customers their opinions on your products or services. This could contribute to ideas for future products or services you could introduce.

Shop Fittings Tips 5: Make Use Of Social Media

In this day and age quite a lot of retailers have turned to social media as a way of expanding their reach to a target audience. Social media remains an effective way of communication.

Building meaningful and lasting relationships is possible on social media. The trick is to be engaging such as replying to your customers comments, updating them with any news and showing off your personality and voice.

Make use of videos. Social media users will be drawn to videos far more than reading text. In this way you can make your mark.