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The customer’s expectations of a retail experience have evolved. Simply laying out your products in a logical way doesn’t cut the mustard any more. The average customer can stay at home with their feet up and get logical categorising from the Internet. Now your retail space must be in harmony with your customers’ emotions.

When done well, your customers will leave with a strong sense of what your brand is all about. They will make a far more personal connection than can ever be achieved through a screen. If done badly, you’ll alienate consumers and drive away business. Striking the right balance is almost an art form that even some professional designers and architects struggle to get right.

Below are a few trends we think are sticking around, and will help you to achieve the best balance for you.


Which trends are working for shop fitters?

Shop fitters are constantly looking for new and innovative ways for businesses to engage their customer base in a positive way. Some of these trends prove to be a flash in the pan, but many are slowly adopted by the whole industry. Below are some of the common trends we are seeing recurring enough to believe they may become part of the shop fitters staple diet.


Staging products using smart lighting

Avoiding stark lighting that feels unnatural can be harder than it sounds. Lighting should be effortless and subtle, while accentuating the main product displays to attract attention and create ambience. The clever use of natural, LED, and indirect lighting can be the defining factor of your stores atmosphere.

This is becoming such a fixture for shop fitters we are even starting to see more adventurous brands playing with neon lighting to really add some character and direct peoples attention.


Bricks and mortar shouldn’t mean anti-Internet

Future success will require harmonizing both your physical and digital presence. This is leading to many stores scaling back and redesigning their approach to compliment the customer’s digital experience.

Creating an emotional connection in a physical store is far easier than with a website, but can help to build loyalty and create an impression that finds your businesses name on customers finger tips the next time they are searching for a product online.


Shop fitters are making it all about the experience

Cramming your shop full of products just doesn’t work like it used to. More retailers and shop fitters are taking a ‘less is more’ approach. They are looking at new ways to use the brand’s narrative to shape the store and engage the customer with their unique story. Opting for a minimalist design can also be good for your bank balance and will age a lot better. No frills simplicity and proper product placement will be far more effective than most retailers realise.


In other shopfitting news…

A new flagship store for Morgan Le Fay

New York is home to the new store. Originally from the big apple, Morgan Le Fay wanted to update their presence in the brand’s hometown. They have used a minimalist design and lots of natural light to create a modern, stylish, and classy ambience. At 2037sq ft., they had quite a bit of retail space to play with, and their use of suspended fixtures and warm grey tones help to reinforce the minimalist aesthetic.

While they were designing their new flagship store, Morgan Le Fay also took the opportunity to synchronise their presence by designing their office and studio using similar themes. The results provide them with a continuous brand image that backs up the company ethos.


Starbucks try to set new standards with West London drive thru

Coffee Giant, Starbucks, Have opened a drive thru store with a difference. Wanting to increase the brand’s environmental credentials, the new store features a living roof, has charging points for electric vehicles, only uses locally sourced materials, and has a zone controlled heat pump and energy efficient lighting installed. All of this makes for a far more environmentally friendly store.

The Vice President of design for Starbucks said, ‘We are so proud to be opening our brand new concept store at Willow Tree Retail Park. The purpose of the new design is to redefine the drive thru experience at Starbucks and show how Starbucks is leading the way in building more sustainable LEED Certified stores. The store will also set a new standard for the Starbucks experience; creating genuine moments of connection for both our driving and in-store customers.’

They were also keen to refine the customer’s experience in a way they’d never managed before. They’ve built a recycled brick bar that runs through the centre of the store. This allows customers to walk through every stage of preparation, rather than piling up at the end of counter waiting for their order.


Could shop fitters help you redesign your space?

Making the most of your shop fitting requires striking the perfect balance. Hiring professional shop fitters that understand the principles of great retail design maximises your chances of getting it right for both you and your customers. At Storebest, our expert designers have over 35 years of experience, consistently delivering the highest standards to businesses all over Dublin, as well as the rest of Ireland. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. Storebest are the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the best use of your space to achieve your aims.

Our shop fitters can help you with every aspect of a shop fit out, from the earliest part of the planning stage through to a complete turnkey solution. Call us today on 01 539 4612, use our contact form, or e-mail to see what how we can help you.