Shop fitout insights news from around the world

Shop Fit Out Insights from Around the World

Creating contemporary shop fit outs requires outside of the box thinking. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to stay informed on what industry trends are happening across the world. After all, even in the age of digital media it would be easy to miss out on what developments are happening abroad.

Here at Storebest, our shop fit out team are passionate about innovation, originality, and quality retail design. As a diverse group of dedicated professionals, we make every effort to keep abreast of all the latest trends so that we can offer our clients the best possible solutions.

To get an idea of what feeds into our brainstorming process, and to help you come get a picture of what’s happening in the retail industry on a global scale, we’ve collected some of the more interesting articles we’ve read online.

Why Retail May Never Be The Same Again

“Brands are set to face a decade of disruption due to a number of simultaneous changes in consumer behaviour, technology, and business models, according to new research.”

Nobody can predict the future, but we can say for certain that the world of retail is in for some exciting changes. Make sure you’re ready to lead the way.

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Design Showcase

“A nautical theme has been applied to the store, underlining the personal inspirations behind the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Walnut and lacquered surfaces continue the onboard feel, with polished steel detailing reflecting sailing equipment.”

As ever, the larger companies are leading the way on how to integrate brand personality in subtle, yet powerful ways.

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Digital Signage is becoming the Norm

“Las Vegas retailer Vegas EXP – which sells locally-themed merchandise – has introduced a large, ultra-bright outdoor digital display over the entrance to its store on the Las Vegas Strip, one of the world’s busiest and most competitive retail environments.”

Gone are the days when a simple poster way enough to catch the attention of a crowd. Today’s stores have to create compelling digital content to display on their walls.

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“Duty-free jewellery retailer Safi Kilima Tanzanite, a subsidiary of Diamonds International, has revealed a shop-in-shop concept set to debut across Diamonds International stores in Alaska, Mexico and the Caribbean.”

Video, textures and unique interaction methods are leading the way in commerce. Keep an eye on Safi Kilima to how they push the industry forward.

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Storebest Shop Fit Out Experts

Curious about how all these developments will affect you? No two stores are the same, which is why the service we offer is bespoke. When you want to find out how to pave the way for 21st-century retail design in Ireland, make sure to give us a call and we can get talking today.