Preparing for the future: Shop fit out Dublin

Shop fit out Dublin probably isn’t the first search term you type into your computer, but if you own or manage a physical store then you should familiarise yourself with the changing tide many markets are experiencing. With all the current technological advancements it’s easy to get carried away and presume we will soon have augmented reality changing rooms and automated assistants. The reality is that a more pragmatic approach is needed. Technology is changing the way people shop, therefore shop fitters must adapt to the consumers shifting expectations.

Shop Fitters In Dublin Need A Different Approach To Each Market

Physical retail premises are becoming much more targeted towards the market they operate within, and their specific target demographic.

Banking is an industry currently in the middle of this evolution. While some banks persevere with the old style branch, many have seen a rapid decrease in footfall in recent years. The proliferation of smartphone banking apps has considerably reduced the need for customers to visit their branch. Many banks are now trying to automate the most straightforward services within the branch, while others are creating a smaller environment, but a much more personal one for those that do need to come to the branch. Each year an ever-increasing percentage of the consumer base becomes digital natives, which will see these trends continue.

Other markets are changing in different ways. It is more important than ever that when a customer comes searching for a shop fit out Dublin, that the shop fitting industry is able to fully understand the customer’s needs and help them to design the optimal space for their target market. After visiting more than 700 stores in 50 countries the IDG have compiled a report specific to the supermarket/hypermarket sector. They acknowledge the changes that will need to occur to many stores in the coming years to keep them in line with the consumer’s needs.

“Physical stores must rapidly evolve and innovate to remain relevant. As digital solutions create a world where channels become less relevant, retailers need to approach the challenge of evolving physical stores for the future in innovative ways.” JOANNE DENNEY-FINCH OBE – IGD CHIEF EXECUTIVE

The Search For ‘Shop Fit Out Dublin’ Isn’t Going Away

While e-commerce has undoubtedly had a huge impact on the retail landscape, it is also undeniable that many people simply enjoy shopping. They enjoy being able to see and touch products, as well as the instant gratification provided by making a purchase that’s immediate.

Physical retail stores are no longer the only option for shoppers. However, they do provide many benefits an online store simply cannot match. It is only by enhancing the differences between the two options will they retain their customer base. Simply offering the product is no longer enough. Approaching a refit of retail premises with an attitude of simply cramming in as much shop shelving and as many special offers as possible will not enjoy the success it once did. Shopping is quickly becoming as much about the experience as it is the product. This customer-centric approach is showing great promise wherever it is adopted. Companies must use hard data to gauge societal shifts and to understand how best to use transformative technologies to give the consumer what they want from a physical shopping experience when undertaking a shop fit out Dublin. We’re not sure what the outcome will look like in twenty years time, but the evolution has begun, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Shop Fitting In Dublin?

We expect the difference for smaller premises will be far less than for the bigger stores. Many big companies will be looking to increase their bottom line, which will include cutting their overheads. We believe this will lead to smaller, better thought out, retail spaces.

We would expect to see huge single occupancy premises being divided among several companies to split the cost, not just of shop fit out Dublin, but also the running costs. The retrenchment of the bigger operators will provide opportunities for smaller retailers to enter the market. We would expect big operators to focus on their prime locations, and possibly even abandon some of their existing stores in favour of these prime locations. While the market in any particular area may be too small to sustain a big operation, it will create an opportunity for smaller local businesses to fill the void.

There are several key areas that have been identified as beneficial to the shops of tomorrow. Uniqueness is an important factor. This applies to both your brand and your products. The more unique or personalised your offering to the consumer, the less likely they are to be able to get it anywhere else. Flexibility needs to be built in to your store design. Many stores are now using a more open plan approach. This allows the store’s main items of furniture to be rearranged to accommodate promotions, displays and events. It also allows stores to easily refresh the feel with less effort or expense.

Ensure Your Shop Fit Out Dublin Is The Best It Can Be?

When you’re next considering performing a search for shop fit out Dublin, you need to consider how current and future technology will integrate into your operation. Smartphones are a particularly strong influence on a shopper’s experience.  Research your demographic and gather as much information as possible about shopper trends. Use your physical space to inspire and educate, not just sell. View your brand as a multi-channel experience. Integrate physical and digital to help your customer save time and money while providing a sensory experience.

Get Professional Help

When you’re ready to start planning your new shop design, why not get help from a company that understands the challenges you’re facing. With over 35 years experience Storebest is Ireland’s leading shop fitters. We know how to inject your businesses individuality and ethos into your retail space. Creating the best space for your customers will promote sales and help you to prosper.

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