The principle of customer experience is the very bedrock of retail interior design. It is the reason why we shopfitters are hired, to provide excellent customer experience designed to encourage them to buy and come back again and again. But what makes a particular store design so appealing to shoppers? And how do you convince customers to part with their money?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to store design. Rather, it comes down to striking a fine balance between quality, product pricing, lighting, temperature, fragrances as well as the store’s layout, product display and, crucially, staff. These factors need to be fine-tuned according to your target market. In this relentlessly competitive retail industry, store owners simply cannot afford to overlook any of these aspects.

HONG KONG, CHINA - JUNE 18, 2014: The boy with headphones in Apple store in Hong Kong. Store is in a shopping center IFC Mall, it is very popular with locals and tourists visiting Hong Kong.

Did you know?: Apple’s U.S. stores make €5,345 per square foot

Check out Primark’s new flagship US store in Boston, which not only delivers on value in terms of their product pricing, but customer experience too. In this generously spaced store, shoppers can relax in a number of seating areas. Convenient charging is supplied for a range of devices, and free WiFi is available throughout the store. In store-digital screens tell the story of the Primark brand through playful illustrations and shout-outs, encouraging customers to join the conversation beyond the store’s walls. 73 cash registers and 84 fitting rooms also help to minimise customer waiting time. They have clearly left no stone unturned in optimising every single facet of the retail interior design.

Design a flow

As previously discussed in our post about creating a store flow, there are a number of ways you can tweak the layout of your store to maximise sales. Since most people tend to turn right upon entering a store, you should design your store flow with this in mind. After all, your flow determines how your customers shop. Using a “power wall” display as a first impression vehicle for your products; creating a path that leads the customer to a specific part of your store; strategic placement with signage or seasonal displays, these all are all important components of the flow concept. Get these right and you have a solid foundation to work on.

Strategic placement is an important element of the flow concept.

Less is more

There is no need to over-complicate your retail interior design. Naturally, when people find themselves in a particularly small space, they feel claustrophobic or closed in. If the space is cluttered or disorganised, it sends a message of panic or distress to the brain. The level of minimalism you should adopt in your store design depends on the industry you are involved in. If your market is high-street clothing, then going overboard with the minimalist approach might come back to haunt you, as customers tend to associate over-minimal retail spaces with expense. In this instance, plenty of colour and variety will do the trick, with rails that are well stacked with a co-ordinated range of products.

Invest in the right staff

Investing in the right people for your shop floor is one of the most important elements of the entire process. They are representing your brand; they are your first impression and your last impression. What customers want from store personnel is people who are knowledgeable about their product or service and are genuinely happy to be conversing with them. So it is important that you hire the right staff, but treat them well, uphold a pleasant and enjoyable working environment, as well as a good rate of pay. They need to be well trained and know everything there is to know about your product or service. Make sure they are interested in what it is they are selling. If it is a golf store, make sure that they have a genuine passion for the sport, which will transcend to the customer and influence their decision-making.

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