It’s yet another exciting month for news in the fast-paced world of retail design. Storebest bring you the very latest with our monthly news roundup, including plans for Angry Birds Themed Adventure Golf Attractions, the millennial generation favouring physical retail shopping over online and Story concepts rolled out to 36 Macy stores in the US.

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Youths Favour Shopping In-Store As Opposed To Online

A new study has found that shockingly enough, the millennial generation favour shopping in a physical location as opposed to an online store when expanding their wardrobes.

Foolproof, a retail experience agency based in the UK, surveyed over 2,000 adult shoppers in the country and asked them this, do you prefer in-store shopping or online shopping?

It was found that 58% of 18-24 year old’s favoured the in-store experience over the online experience, with a further 60% of 25-34 year old’s opting for in-store vs online shopping.

“The fact is that our generations of the future still see a place for the in-store shopping experience, but retailers need to create an experience that plays to the strengths of in-store shopping whilst fixing the pain points that are driving people away,” says Foolproof co-founder Peter Ballard.

Angry Bird’s Adventure Golf Attraction Coming To Intu Metrocentre

The Intu Metrocentre shopping centre in Gateshead, England is in for a real treat this coming September. Fans of the well-known Angry Bird’s franchise will be pleased to hear the first Angry Bird’s Adventure Golf attraction is being created within the Intu Metrocentre.

The attraction will feature holes based on the video games themes, created by Rovio in 2009 and will be a welcome addition to the shopping centre where families flock to at the weekends.

Rovio Entertainment and Namco UK are teaming up to make this possible. And what’s more, Intu Metrocentre is not the only location where this plan is set for. Over the next three years Namco promise to open up a minimum of five Angry Bird’s Adventure Golf attractions in undisclosed locations across the UK.

“This will be the UK’s first Angry Birds Adventure Golf and there’s no better place to launch such a fun and entertaining experience than at one of the country’s most successful shopping centres,” said Philip Milward, commercial director at Namco.

“We’re looking for more leasing opportunities within popular, high footfall locations like Intu Metrocentre to ensure this new attraction can really flourish across the UK.”

Tesco Profits Rise With 2018/2019 Financial Results Report

The UK’s supermarket giant, Tesco, reports increased profit in its 2018/2019 financial results report.

The groups operating profit for the year increased by 34%, resulting in £2.2bn and for the UK & Ireland, growing to £1.53bn.

Overall sales came to £56.9bn, whereas for the UK & Ireland Tesco’s group sales grew by 2.9%.

“After four years we have met or are about to meet the vast majority of our turnaround goals. I’m very confident that we will complete the journey in 2019/20,” says Dave Lewis, Tesco’s Chief Executive.

“I’m delighted with the broad-based improvement across the business,” he added.

Macy’s To Bring Story Concepts To 36 Shops Across 15 States

The American department store chain, Macy’s, recently announced massive news for the expansion of their business.

In 15 states across America, including New York and California, the department chain is enhancing their retail experience with changing concepts that will rotate every six to eight weeks.

Described by founder Rachel Shechtman as a “living magazine”, the concept behind Story, the startup acquired by Macy’s last year, is described by its founder as “a lot like a real-life version of scrolling through Instagram”.

“You discover things you weren’t looking for, but are inspired by all the fun brands. The second you see it, you need it,” continued Schetman in a statement.

The typical Story shop will include around 400 items from various different businesses based around a theme.

Last week, Story was featured in Macy’s flagship store in New York which will run until June. Centred around the theme of “Colour”, 400 products from 70 different stores are available to buy including the likes of brightly coloured t-shirts, books, gourmet chocolate, jewelry and even kids wear.

Fortnum & Mason Is Opening Its First Overseas Store In Hong Kong

This coming September, Fortnum & Mason are launching its first overseas store and restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong’s $2.6bn Victoria Dockside development.

The move is in response to growing international demand for Fortnum’s products and will compliment existing retail partnerships across Asia.

The 7,000 sq ft store will feature some of Fortnum’s most popular products with the restaurant located above the retail space with spectacular views of the harbor.

In a statement, Kate Hobhouse, chairman of Fortnum & Mason said:

“Building on our 47 years of experience in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, our latest expansion in Asia is an important next step for us as we extend our reach further across the world.”

“We have seen significant appetite for the Fortnum’s brand and products in the region, with impressive year-on-year sales growth.”

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