Retail Design in Ireland: How Do We Move With The Times?

Trends in Store Design

In some ways, Ireland is at a disadvantage in being separated from continental Europe. Trends in construction and store design and the methods of implementing them can take a little longer to reach our shores.

On top of that, we’re still affected by the same global economic changes as everybody else, so it’s extra important for us to keep up with changes in the industry.

We’re constantly taking note of what’s happening abroad so that we can bring you the latest retail design developments. In this way, we can turn a problem into an advantage. By working with us, your store can stay ahead of the curve and come out on top in this interesting time of change.

3 Retail Design Trends You Need To Know About

It’s no secret what the big impact on store design has been in the past few years. Internet-based commerce has been solidifying its presence in our day to day lives for many years now.

Products like records and DVD’s have moved from physical formats into digital, and even products that can’t make the transformation into one and zeroes are often cheaper to buy online and have delivered.

This means many locally based stores are suddenly competing with international corporations that have the resources to undercut them at every opportunity. People even buy their groceries on the internet now! So how can a good store design help?

1. Make Your Business Personable

Whether you’re a bookstore or a grocery shop, the biggest advantage you have over your internet-based competitors is the face to face relationship you have with your customers.

At its most basic, this means that a smile and a thank go a long way. Build on this as much as you can. Learn the names of your regular customers and engage with their interests.

When it comes to retail design in Ireland today, the key element that’s going to grow your business is friendliness. Layouts that encourage interaction are a must and displays that create conversation are a huge business booster.

Talk to us and we’ll help you figure out how to implement these ideas.

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2. Express Your Store’s Authenticity

Our reliance on the internet has created a somewhat isolated shopping experience. This applies to our relationships with store owners, but it also relates to the products that they sell.

As we become more detached from the assembly line process of today’s retail environment, there’s a growing need for authenticity in the products that are sold. Organic food, craft beers, handmade clothes and books that are printed on actual paper, they’re all perfect examples of products that come with a human touch.

This can be a major strength in your store design too. Use your displays and floor arrangement to express your distinct personality and make it one that a gigantic internet service can’t pull off.

3. Make Your Store Design A Centre For Social Activity

A huge change that’s happening in store design abroad is the focus on restaurants, food and coffee shops.

Because people mostly leave their houses to socialise, districts that were mostly retail oriented with a few cafes have now swung the opposite direction. However, what stores are surviving the change are benefiting greatly from being at the centre of these social hubs. Think about Ikea. It’s as famous for its food as anything else.

Social Retail Design

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Obviously, you’re not going to pick up and move to the nearest restaurant quarter, but you can make your own shop a place where people meet to socialise. Going forward, retail design in Ireland will be all about creating unique store spaces where your customers can relax, which will encourage them into your store and allow you to keep growing your business.

At first, you might find it difficult to deal with all of this change, but we’re confident when your talk to our retail design Ireland team you’ll be just as excited by the prospect of a store makeover as we are.

There are amazing opportunities to grow your business. Contact our team to find out exactly what will work for you!