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You might think that a fresh store design will require you to knock down walls and install entirely new features. For example, if there are pipes exposed on your ceiling your first instinct could be to cover them up with some nice-looking tiles.

Any good shopfitters in Ireland will tell you this is not always necessary.

You don’t have to undergo a complete overhaul of your building to get the most out of your store design.

In fact, often an obstacle or forgotten piece of furniture can be reworked to become a trendy feature.

When you’re looking to make the best of your location, take a look over some of our tips on how to utilise what you have to create a cost effective shop fit out.

How To Make The Most Of Your Retail Space

1. Be Creative With The Space You Have

If your store is part of a chain that is subject to certain design requirements, or if you just happen to have a particular vision for your own shop fit out, it can often be tempting to fight the layout of your building.

Ireland has a lot of old buildings that get repurposed all of the time.

They weren’t built with modern commercial purposes in mind, so when you approach the task of remodelling them you might find yourself knocking down walls to suit your needs.

Rather than skipping right to the wrecking ball, you should take the time to consider how a team of shop fitters might use the space if you didn’t have the option of opening it up.

You’ll be surprised what creative ideas you’ll come up with.

All of a sudden that awkward nook in the corner will become the perfect spot for a new display unit.

Making the most of your retail space

2. Old Fittings Can Become Great Features

What was old is new again.

Many bars have capitalised on the rough walls and ceilings in their buildings, but retail environments can benefit from a touch of the old too.

Exposed bricks, cracked plaster, old lighting and plumbing fixtures. They can add a lot of personality to your store when handled in just the right way.

We don’t recommend that you peel off some wallpaper and leave it at that.

However, when you work with a talented design team to create your new store fit out, they’ll be able to make great use of building’s older qualities when putting together your new design.

Many shop fit outs have impressive store fronts that an experienced shop fitters team will know not the touch.

Remember, some establishments go to a lot of trouble to replicate the authentic feel that your store might already have.

3. Work With An Experienced Team

While relying on your store’s current layout and features to create a new design can be extremely cost effective, that doesn’t mean it’s the easier route.

Whether you’re trying to reorganise an older building or are already set to remodel a more modern one, you should work with people who know how to plan ahead and limit the cost of the job.

A good team will be able to deliver you a new fit out that minimises the price, while also finding unique ways to make use of your store space.

We are one of the best shop fitter companies in Ireland, so you can contact us when you’re ready to design a new look for your store.

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