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Even though retail has been the main form of commerce for as long as most people can remember, there is still a lot to be learned. We constantly keep our eyes peeled for new innovations and success stories in Dublin and around the globe.

A successful shop fit out Ireland has changed considerably in recent decades. The introduction of new technology and materials, combined with changes to the way we live and shop, has created a new psychology behind what the shopper wants and new routes to success. Here we’ll look at just a few examples of new design around the globe that’s proving to be a hit.


SPAR redesign increases sales and margin

A SPAR market store has seen its sales increase by 10% and its margin increase by 2% after a redesign. Retailers in Holland and Belgium were the inspiration for the successful redesign. The new layout focuses on freshly prepared food and self-service. Some of the new features include:

  • Self serve hot and cold food-to-go
  • Ready meals prepared in-house
  • Smoothies prepared in-house
  • Fresh bread from local dough
  • Cereal dispenser
  • Lobster tank
  • Orange juice vending machine
  • Fresh pizzas
  • Meat ageing cabinet

It’s the first SPAR store to feature their new market format. It has capitalised on local sentiment by offering a great range of locally sourced produce and fresh food.

Debbie Robinson, Managing Director of Spar, said, the most important thing is how a customer feels. If the environment is well designed then it should create a very comfortable, convivial environment in which a consumer feels comfortable and respected.’

Will we see these attributes appearing in more shop fit out Ireland? We have great local produce and an educated populace that will appreciate the importance of fresh and locally sourced food. How could you refresh your shop fitout to cater to this trend?


Canada Goose refines the customer experience

Clothes neatly arranged on racks don’t cut it anymore, especially when your store is on Regent Street in London. The outdoor brand has used a mixture of materials, artwork and design to reflect the Canadian landscape that gave birth to the clothing company. A mixture of marble, embossed concrete, reclaimed timber, limestone and metalwork all create their desired effect. Even their cash desk is made from a single piece of light coloured Canadian marble.

They’ve used enlarged landscape photographs to depict the conditions the clothing is designed for. Every aspect of the design is geared to create an experience for the customer, one that reinforces the Canada Goose brand identity.

Does your brand have a niche with strong imagery attached? Would it benefit you to take your customers to a different place as they step through your door? Maybe you should consider a shop fit out Ireland.


Making the most of a small space

Oiselle is a sports brand for women based in Seattle. They needed their small 625sq ft store to be able to handle seasonal displays, as well as acting as both a store and a meeting point for the local running community.

In order to achieve this they employed some unique techniques. Inspired by the theatre, they created clothing racks that could be hoisted into the space overhead to create an open plan meeting spot. They also incorporated a mobile haberdashery desk and flexible shelving to accommodate a wide range of displays. A customised display wall allows them to move the shelving and hanging rails around at will.

Clever design and a little bit of ingenuity have helped them to create a multifunctional space that will suit the needs of all their customers. In a city as old as Dublin there are many smaller units. Would your business benefit from the use of clever design to create more space? To find out more contact us to discuss your shop fit out Ireland.


A high-end customer experience

Yael Sonia creates exclusive handmade jewellery. When they were opening a showroom in New York they wanted their customers to feel as comfortable as possible. In order to create their desired atmosphere they decided to make their trendy SoHo loft feel more like an apartment than a retail space.

They’ve included 8 custom built oak and glass display cases, but the majority of the bespoke furniture is designed to encourage people to relax and feel comfortable. Yael wanted to create a space that would provide the perfect setting for meeting private clients, while still being comfortable and inspiring enough for her to create jewellery. Dark stained oak floors, a custom chandelier, and luxury furnishings and fitting all combine to create a luxurious and unique customer experience that fits the Yael Sonia brand.

Do you sell high-end products? Your customers will be even more demanding, and you can cement your market position and brand identity by creating a unique experience with your shop fit out Ireland.


Little ideas can make a big difference in shop fit out Ireland

As the retail landscape changes to appeal to and accommodate the modern shopper we are seeing a plethora of innovative design choices. From a Wex Photo Video’s indoor drone flight zone, to pop-up shops taking advantage of seasonal products, launches and special offers.

Dublin is attracting talent from all over the world to live and work here. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Oath have huge international workforces. This influx of cultures will be reflected in all aspects of the city, from restaurants to retail spaces. Shop fitting is a creative industry, and as new people attract new businesses Dublin will remain at the forefront of design and culture.


Would your shop benefit from a new look?

Whether you’re starting a new business, or refreshing the interior of an existing one, getting the right guidance can make all the difference. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. With more than 35 years experience, Storebest are the best shop fit out Ireland specialists, and we know how to make the most of your space.

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