There’s no denying that the Irish economy is bouncing back from the recession, with the retail industry growing at a rate of 10% per year. Dublin is seeing a real boost in retail spending, and many well-known brands are opening more stores in the city. Retail rent in Dublin’s prime locations have risen by 15-20% since 2014, again signalling strong demand for retail units.  This trend looks likely to continue which means plenty of work for quality shopfitters in Dublin.

What does this mean?

The industry is gaining great momentum and offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs today and in the future. As they say, timing is everything, and all the signals are hinting that right now is the perfect time to jump into the wonderful world of retail. However, the growth of the industry doesn’t necessarily guarantee you success. It’s important that you have the right business strategy in place and the help of the best Dublin shopfitters to design your store.

The keys to a successful retail store

There’s few better places in which to open up your own retail store than Dublin. Although rent can be quite high on the main shopping streets, there are plenty of more affordable premises off the beaten track. The beauty of these places is that they allow you to create something quirky and unique; a great way to make your store stand out from the crowd. Dublin is full of beautiful, old, character-filled buildings that make great retail stores – all waiting to be discovered!

As the capital city, Dublin is the ideal location when it comes to the logistics of sourcing and transporting retail goods. Many international freight companies have depots dotted around the city. Ireland’s busiest airport is also located on the outskirts of Dublin. These factors coupled with the rail and motorway links to the rest of the country make Dublin the perfect location to set up a retail business.

Of course, it’s not as simple as stocking your shelves with merchandise and people magically appearing in your store. You need a strategy on how to present your business to the masses. The design of your store needs to grab the attention of passers-by, and convert them into paying customers when they enter the store. This is a lot harder than it sounds, which is why we recommend hiring quality shopfitters in Dublin to help you.

How we can help

Storebest has been leading the Irish shopfitting industry for over 35 years and have worked on over 645 retail spaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to build unique relationships with our clients and make their vision a reality. Our employees are highly skilled craftsmen and aim to produce the best quality of work possible, regardless of project scale or timeline. As the leading shopfitting company in Dublin, we can help transform your retail store to promote sales, productivity, and growth.

If you’d like to talk to us more about a project, please call or email us and we would be happy to help.