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Below we’ve compiled the news and tips we think will be useful to you. Ensuring you remain a success in this new era requires the perfect blend of a physical and digital retail experience. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers, as no one size fits all. The key is finding the best balance for you and your customers. Whether you’re fellow shop fitters or retailers, you’ll find something of interest below.


SDEA gives tips to independent retailers

The Shop and Display Equipment Association (SDEA) are offering advice to independents on how to maximise the impact of their store environments. The initiative is led by Heidi Easton. They are aware that many retailers find it particularly difficult to know which decisions to make for the best. At a time when many people are fighting to keep their figures in the black, making a bad decision can be the difference between thriving or failing.

As finding bargains on our smartphones becomes increasingly easy, and delivery times continue to drop, traditional shopping continues to feel the pinch. When you add the current economic climate into the equation, it’s easy to see why things can be tough.

Many of their tips echo what we have been advising our clients for quite some time. The focus should be on a minimalist interior and excellent customer service and experience. You can check out all of SDEA’s top 10 tips. Alternatively, you could call or send us an e-mail to get advice from professional shop fitters.


The Retailer of the Year is announced

According to the Portfolio Awards 2018, Nordstrom is Retailer of the Year. After 117 years in business, it’s no surprise to find out Nordstrom know what they’re doing. With a total of 371 stores spread over several countries, they’ve had plenty of experience in store design. One of the fundamental principles they attribute their success to, an unrelenting desire to provide the best possible customer service.

Some of their stores are a little more up to date than others, such as the Men’s Store in New York, which offers a 24-hour reserve and try on in-store service. The same store also offers easy to use express return kiosks at every entrance. Nordstrom isn’t nervous when it comes to introducing new technology. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the customer experience, as every professional company of shop fitters should be too.


Shop Fitters find the equivalent of £1 million pounds in old money

A chest full of old mouldy banknotes was discovered under some floorboards by shop fitters. The store in Question is Bradleys Ltd, a high-end tailor known to have been frequented by Winston and Clementine Churchill. They also boasted royals and Bridgette Bardot amongst their clientele.

While Bradleys flagship store was in Chepstow Place in London, the money was discovered under the floorboards of the Brighton branch. It is believed the stash of money was buried by Eric Bradley, who might have been trying to ensure their survival should more banks be destroyed, as happened in the blitz.


What does it take to reach the top in retail design?

As with most things, you need bags of talent and creativity, a great work ethic, ingenuity, and passion if you really want to leave your mark, and be noticed by retailers and shop fitters everywhere.  Currently, there are a whole host of exciting and talented individuals working on projects for the biggest brands. Randall Ng, Rachel Shechtman, and Alasdair Lennox have all created waves in one way or another in the retail world.

While these people are paid the big bucks and only work for top companies, they are a great source of inspiration for smaller companies. They try new things and allow everyday shop fitters to see what works without taking the risk.


Shop fitters tips for retailers

There are many elements that need to come together to create the perfect store to showcase your products or services. At Storebest, we make sure you engage your customers in a positive way.

The use of smart lighting, focusing heavily on the customer’s experience, and incorporating technology in the right ways will all help you to thrive. Filling your store with as many products as possible just creates clutter and no longer cuts it with the modern shopping. A more minimalist design that highlights products effectively will be much more effective.

While you can look for inspiration amongst your competitors and other retailers, speaking to Ireland’s leading professional design and fit out a company like Storebest will ensure you receive the best advice tailored exactly to your needs. After all, your store is the ultimate expression of your brand and will create a lasting impact on any customers who walk through your doors.


Would your shop benefit from a new look?

If you want to end up with the best result from your shop fitting then you need to reach out shop fitters that understand the principles of great retail design and have the experience and ability to deliver all of the practical aspects. Our expert designers have over 35 years of experience and have been consistently delivering the highest standards to businesses all over Dublin, and the rest of Ireland. Our professional team will provide you with the best options for every aspect of your retail space. Storebest is the best shop fit out specialists, and we know how to make the best use of your space to achieve your aims.

Our shop fitters can help you with every aspect of a shop fit out, from the earliest part of the planning stage through to a complete turnkey solution. Call us today on 01 539 4612, use our contact form, or e-mail to see what how we can help you.