5 Ways Clever Retail Design Can Attract Customers to Your Store

How Clever Retail Design Can Attract Customers to Your Store

Looking for creative ways to attract more customers with your store design? In a digital age, it can seem like a losing battle when it comes to getting more people through your doors. However, here are a few store design tips to help increase traffic to your store. 


    1. Eye-catching Window Displays

Okay, so this is retail 101. Eye catching window displays are so important for effective retail design. This is what entices people walking by to come in and check out what you have to offer. So, if your store’s footfall could do with a boost – invest some time into your window display. Ask questions like, who are you looking to appeal to? What are your competitors doing?

Use eye catching window displays in your retail design

    2. Go Digital

Incorporating digital signage into your window display can really bring it to life and give you an edge over your competitors. In fact, a study found that 71% of people surveyed felt advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads and 46% said they were more prominent than television ads.


Digital signage can also be used instore, as an effective way to drive sales. It’s a great way to help drive impulse buys instore. A study by Arbitron and Edison Research found that 19% of consumers surveyed claimed to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they had previously seen advertised digitally.


    3. Music

Sight isn’t the only way you can attract people to your store. Playing catchy music that appeals to your target demographic is a great way to capture the attention of passers-by, who may not be browsing shop windows as they pass by. Hearing few bars of a popular song may be all it takes to peak their interest in your store. Millennials in particular respond well to multi-sensory environments, so try and incorporate music into your store design.


    4. Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Professional curb signs can help your business stand out, especially in crowded areas. Just be sure to check the signage regulations for your area with the relevant local authority. Not all locations will have permission to use curb signs, so make sure you clarify this before you invest.


What about drawing on the pavement with chalk? If you can’t afford to splash out on portable signs, this option is pretty low cost alternative. It’s also different enough to still have the novelty effect. Beth Hnatio-Pumphrey of EJP Studios recommends drawing arrows, cute sayings or even the lines you carry in your store.
incorporate your online presence into your retail design

    5. Online Presence

Ideally, your store should have its own website that allows customers to view the current products you have on offer. A website is also a place where potential customers can sign up to your mailing list or read your blog. So, creating an engaging website will compliment your store design and help drive customers to your physical location and increase footfall.


Don’t have the resources to invest in a website for your store? What about a social media presence? Even if you’re store isn’t in a position to create its own website, social media is a great way to connect with your target market and keep them up to date with your latest offers and promotions. According to a GlobalWebIndex study, 40% of global consumers ages 16 to 24 use social media to research products. While 30% of the general population use these platforms for product research before they buy. So, if you’re targeting the millennial demographic you need a social media presence.


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