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Ah, the summer months. People go on holidays, school is out and this can potentially leave a dent in sales for your store.

Perhaps you are worried because you are a smaller shop and every customer you get is crucial to your stores success. So how do you tackle the summer months and maintain or even increase sales?

Engaging customers in the warm and hot summer months comes with specific strategies. Don’t wait for the difficulty to kick in. Plan now and be prepared. We’re here to give you the inside scoop.

Create Sales

A go-to, this strategy works wonders. Who does not like sales? Think of how many heads you will turn with a big sales sign displayed on a front facing shop window.

Summer is a great way to have discounts on some of your most popular products. This could mean lowering the price on a few products or services for a time or offering a free trial or one-off product.

Host An Event

What better way to get people in those doors than to host an event in-house. Organise an event to show off just how great you are and your product line. Networking is an important way of driving new business and should not be neglected.

There are even tips to entice people to a planned event. Why not offer a free promotional branded mug or t-shirt? They won’t only see and hear from you but they will walk away with your logo in mind every time they look at their gift.

Partner With Local Businesses

Get referred by other businesses in the vicinity by going into partnership with them for sales, giveaways, events or something else.

Maintaining and growing relationships in your local area can go a very long way. Just think of a tourist in town. They might ask a shopkeeper where’s the best place to eat and you want to be that restaurant the shopkeeper recommends.

Introduce A New Product

With the summer in full swing there may be much of the same products and services floating around. Do something new and keep things fresh by introducing a new product into the mix.

Because there are fewer newer products at this time your new product has a better chance of standing out and attracting more attention.

Create A Loyalty Programme

Reward customers for their loyalty by creating something as simple as a punch card system. You know, something coffee shops do with after ten punches on your loyalty card you get a free drink?

This is a tried and tested method to keep customers coming back in order to get that freebie.

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