5 Things You Didn’t Know About Shopfitting Services

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When it comes to shopfitting, you might feel a little intimidated by how large a project it can seem. Even if you’re dealing with a small shop floor, there’s a huge amount that can be done to streamline your customer experience and optimize the environment in which your staff work. A good shopfitter company is absolutely necessary if you’re serious about getting the most out of your business. But that’s no reason to feel isolated from the creative process. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had in designing a floor plan, and we want you to be a part of it. Keep reading to find out the top 5 things you didn’t know about our shopfitting services.

1. Staying On Brand

Sometimes a shopfitting will require a complete rebrand of the business. Our shopfitters always enjoy the chance to get creative when it comes to this kind of installation, but there’s another kind of job that’s a lot more common, and a lot more challenging. Staying connected to a previously established brand can sometimes be imperative to a successful make over. Customers have spent years coming to your store, and though exciting them with a fresh look is a great way to drum up business, it can also be important to stay familiar. After all, there’s no point undoing all the branding work you’ve done in the years previous.

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2. Working With What You’ve Got

If you have a low budget for your retail shopfitting, you might feel like there’s not a lot we can do to rejuvenate the look of your business. Wrong. Lighting fixtures and shelving that you already own can be retooled, moved, and reskinning to create a bright new look that surprises you as much as it does your customers. Our crew of shopfitters love a good challenge, and working inside the boundaries of a low scale project to deliver fantastic results is exactly the kind of project they look forward to.

3. In Shopfitting, Collaboration Is Key

If you like, you can hand over the keys to the shop and trust that you’ll get a result you’re happy with. Our shopfitters are highly trained, creative and experienced, so we’re certainly confident we’ll come up with something you’ll enjoy. However, a shopfitting isn’t all about drumming up new business – it can be enjoyable experience in its own right. When you work with us, you’re essentially designing the layout of a room for you and your staff for years to come. We want the process, and the result, to be as exciting and comfortable as possible. That’s why a good shopfitters will want to work directly with you at every stage along the way.

4. Get To Know Yourself

One thing you’ll discover during the course of a good shopfitting is that you have a lot to learn about your business and about yourself. Our retail shopfitters will have you answer questions such as who your customer is and how you want to appeal to them. They’ll want to know what was successful in the past and just how well it worked. In the process of this self-examination you’ll find there’s a lot to learn about your business, and by extension, maybe even a little about yourself…

5. Building Relationships

Business is all about relationships. Some of those relationships are with your customers, some are with your staff, and some are with your supplier. As a shopfitting outfit, we like to think that our relationship is with you. Our shopfitters can create an amazing store plan that will give your business a boost of life, but we’d like to think that when you’re satisfied with the results, you’ll want to experience them again. Maybe we can advise on how to keep things fresh by writing articles like these, or maybe you’d like to have another redesign done in a couple of month’s time. Either way, we are happy to work to keep the business relationship going, and believe that any good shopfitting companies should be willing to do the same.

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