5 Signs Your Shop Fitout Is Not Working To It’s Potential

Shop fitout

5 steps to identify that your shop fitout isn’t working, along with useful tips how to best ensure that your fitout is driving optimium sales and ensuring customers stay in your shop longer.


1.) Customers are leaving your shop too soon due to bad shop fitout

Have you ever found that customers walk in to your shop only to walk straight back out?  This is a true sign that something about the shop fitout is not working.  The customer already liked the look of the shop from the outside but once inside the shop, something about the interior of the shop put them off from staying any longer.  Why is that?

Well there are a variety of reasons that can explain this, but most importantly is to ensure that the interior design of your shop fitout is not a reason for your customer to leave.


2.) Customers not exploring the full shop and all the products

For the customers that do stay, do they explore the full shop and all the range of products on offer?  There is nothing more annoying than having a shop fitout so disorganised that it discourages customers from exploring the full shop layout.  Shop fitout needs a logical flow system that creates an attractive interior design pathway, from shop entrance to purchasing at the tills, which encourages the customer to take the natural path to purchase, ensuring full exposure of all products on display.

If a customer only explores 20% of the shop, that means a potential loss of 80% of possible sales based on that one customer.  Having a clever shop fitout layout best optimises sales in the most effective way.


3.) Sluggish Sales – layout of store does not encourage conversion of sales 

Of the customers that do stay in your shop and explore all aspects of the products on offer, do you find that the volume of sales per customer is still low?  Once a customer is in your store exploring all your products, you need to ensure that they are purchasing what you are selling.  A reason for poor sales could be because the style and design of the shelves or racks holding the products, might not be displaying them in the best way.  Contemporary designs with high quality materials that are also cost-effective, are another way to drive better sales for your shop.  While also using contemporary signage techniques, which clearly communicate price and essential information in the most stylish and eye catching method possible.


4.) Bad lighting due to poor shop fitout

Having bad lighting can really be detrimental to selling your products.  It is crucial that you get the lighting right for your brand and your product.  With a complete makeover of your store you can ensure that your products are shown in the best possible light.  You will need to talk to a shop fitout consultant to determine the quality of lighting effect you will need to best showcase your merchandise.  Ideally your store should not be too bright or too dark, but have just the right level of lighting to make your products the most attractive to your customer.  For high value products you should look at having some soft spotlights that can make such products pop off the shelves more.  A coherent lighting design that compliments the overall store and individual products on display is key.


5.) Shop ambiance is not good

The overall design of your shop needs to look and feel amazing for the customer to want to spend time to explore all your products and buy your brand.  Having a coherent design where all parts complement each other and have a strong pleasing effect on a customers experience is crucial.  Once your shop fitout is optimised in the best possible design layout, along with positive background music which adds to your brand value, then you will have the best possible advantage to optimise your sales and grow your shops overall performance.


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