5 Retail Interior Design Concepts To Consider When Fitting Out A Shop

Retail store design concepts

Whether you’re fine-tuning the plans of your first ever store, giving an existing establishment a much-needed going-over, or setting off to a new premises, the chore of fitting out a shop can be a stressful one for many store owners.

There are many retail store design concepts that you must consider in order for your project to tick all the right boxes and for your design dreams to come to fruition. These factors are all focused on turning your store into one big magnet. As a shopfitting company, we go all-out to draw numbers into your store and give customers more than enough reason to stay and spend their hard-earned cash.

Here are the best five retail interior design concepts to focus on when kicking off your new shop fit out project:


The layout of your store should be considered first and foremost. Keep in mind that customers don’t want to spend all day getting from A to B inside your store or looking for a particular product.

Make it easy as possible for them to find the products they’re looking for and find their way around your store. If your store is particularly large then clear and efficient navigation signage is a worthwhile consideration.

A captivating, eye-catching entrance is paramount when it comes to attracting people into your store. Once they’re in, the layout of the store must be up to scratch and deliver on the expectations that the entrance has set.

Top tip: Signage or seasonal displays can be utilised to give customers a visual break and encourage impulse purchases.

Retail store design concepts: store layout

Make it easy for your customers to get from A to B


What good is your store if people are having a hard time getting to it in the first place?

One of the most important aspects of designing a new store is to enable your customers to access it easily and quickly. The storefront should be clearly visible, and if you’re lucky enough to have a car park, there needs to be an obvious trail for customers to follow.

Top tip: It’s vital to take into account accessibility for the following three groups: the disabled, parents with prams and the elderly.


Good quality lighting is fundamental to enticing people’s attention towards your store. Lighting helps to set the tone. If the tone isn’t right, people will leave, so choose wisely.

Combining a mixture of lighting options, such as downlights, pendants and track lighting, will strike a perfect balance between illumination and shadow.

Top tip: If you’re opting for energy efficiency, choose a LED bulb that is durable and provides the brightest form of light.

Retail store design concepts: lighting

Abercrombie stores are well-known for their unique take on lighting (or lack of it!)


Store signage is your silent seller. Not only does it help customers to navigate your store, but it is also a key player when it comes to providing product information as well as persuasive selling.

Some of the greatest let-downs in store design are the lack of signage, their lack of character and the confusing message they often convey to customers.

An effective store sign needs to capture the customer’s interest enough to read it, just like a great headline in a magazine cover that gets someone to buy it.

Top tip: Be clear and to-the-point with your signage. If it takes longer than five seconds to read, it’s too long; you won’t get your message across. Simplicity is key!


Flooring can be used to create zones to segment merchandise, or create a pathway through the store to entice consumers to a particular area or product.

When picking a flooring, consider the flow of traffic that your store will experience. Different areas will have their own needs. For instance, heavy-duty areas such as the shop floor that will receive a lot of footfall should be durable and easy to clean, compared with a staff room, which might only be used intermittently.

Top tip: Promotional advertising on retail floors is a great way to influence customer purchasing decisions!


There you have it, five retail interior design concepts you should focus your energy on when getting started on your new design.

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